Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The goatherd and the wild goats.

Aesop fable adaptation.....rememberd as told by my dad.

   Pablo was a young goatherd. He just took over the family goats. But he was ambitious and a dreamer, he wanted more in life then to tend goats. He wanted an X-Box 360. One sunny afternoon while returning from pasture he noticed that there were five new wild goats among his herd. His heart began to beat faster thinking of the financial benefits of five more goats. Five goats closer to his dreams!

     He returned to his cave and shut the goats in for the night when he had a brilliant idea. He separated the wild goats from the new goats and gave the new goats triple rations of hay, to make them happy, and eager to stay. But unfortunately he had to cut the rations of hay to his old goats, who went to sleep hungry.

     That night he had dreams filled with video games. He woke up happy but it was snowing outside and he wouldn’t be able to let the goats out to graze. So he fed his goats in the same manner, triple rations of hay to the new goats and fewer rations to his old friends. The snow didn’t melt for a week and he kept up the same feeding pattern all week long. The old goats groaning from hunger and the new goats with full tummies.

    Finally after the snow melted he opened up the gates to let the goats out to graze. As soon as the gates were open the five new goats bolted towards the forest. Pablo’s dreams suddenly vanished and he yelled angrily at the five goats running away.

    “K poka! What the heck, I treated you new goats so well! Why are you running away?”
     One of the goats turned around before disappearing into the forest and yelled back to Pablo.
    “Do you think we are stupid? Look at how you treat the goats that depend on you!”
    Just then one of the old goats gave Pablo a dirty look as he marched towards pasture.

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